Server CPUs: Big growth expected for AMD and ARM through 2024


According to the forecast by DigiTimes Research, server CPUs from AMD and ARM are expected to gain significant market shares from the market leader Intel in the next few years. In 2024 AMD should already have an 18 percent share, Arm should then reach around 10 percent and thus triple the share of 2020.

Intel's dominance in server processors is waning. With the Epyc family based on Zen architectures, AMD has already exerted a lot of pressure and gained market share in recent years. Chips from the manufacturer Arm ensure further competition with potentially even greater growth opportunities.

AMD's share is expected to reach around 18% in 2024

< p class="p text-width">According to DigiTimes Research, around 16.3 percent of the servers shipped worldwide will be equipped with AMD CPUs by 2023. In 2024, AMD's share is expected to increase to 18 percent. In 2020, AMD's market share was just 10.1 percent, according to the report.

Arm share then tripled compared to 2020

Even greater growth is expected for CPUs based on the ARM architecture. In 2020, only around 3 percent of the servers delivered were equipped with Arm CPUs, by 2024 it should be almost 10 percent. Amazon and Nvidia are still considered to be the driving forces behind Arm-based servers.

However, the numbers are only forecasts and it remains to be seen how Intel, for example, will deal with the new platform Sapphire Rapids against AMD's upcoming Genoa generation – currently, however, Sapphire Rapids is being delayed further and further.

Different studies, different numbers

There are also other numbers from different perspectives. For example, Mercury Research recently gave AMD an 11.6 percent share and Intel an 88.4 percent share of servers in the first quarter of 2022. However, Arm was not taken into account at all.

Market shares of AMD processors Segment market shares
Q1/2022 change
to Q4/2021 change
yoy Desktop 18.3% + 2.1 PP – 1.0 PP Notebook 22.5% + 0.9 PP + 4.4 PP Server* 11.6% + 0.9 PP + 2.7 PP Total (incl SoC & IoT) 27.7% + 2.1 PP + 7.0 PP data from Mercury Research, PP = percentage points, *x86 only, no arm

Another report cites Omdia Q3 2021 market research that also includes Arm. According to this, Arm already had a 5 percent share during this period. In this study, AMD was even given an 18 percent share of the delivered servers.

The market researchers at TrendForce had already awarded Arm a 15 percent share in 2021 and assumed a 22 percent share by 2025. This shows how little the different studies are comparable.

Nevertheless, it is clear that Intel's dominance in the server market is continuing to decline. The US company can only dream of a share of more than 90 percent a few years ago.