Russia, Volkswagen closes the business? in one of the factories


According to magazine which cites Reuters news agency, Volkswagen would have decided to close one of the two Russian factories already; & quot; frozen & quot; last March in reaction to the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The establishment in question is; that of Nizhny Novgorod, owned by of the Russian partner GAZ , where until the beginning of the year some Skoda and Volkswagen models were in production.


Again according to the sources cited, the decision is; was notified to factory staff last Tuesday, officially due to “ lack of EU-made parts, key components from Ukraine and absence of equivalent domestically produced items, disruption of logistic chains and inability to deliver. to foresee the terms and conditions for resuming work & quot ;. The German giant has not released comments to the press about the closure, confirming for & ograve; the decision following the high level of uncertainty and incapacity to predict the potential recovery of production. Nizhny Novgorod was one of the strategic sites especially for Skoda, which had been producing Octavia here since 2009 and the SUVs Kodiaq and Karoq pi & ugrave; the derivative of the latter Volkswagen Taos. In April 2021, Skoda celebrated 750,000 Russian-made cars


For a large part of the factory staff, which amounted to 200 people, the relationship is; resolved with voluntary resignations, while at the administrative level the closure involves another 60 employees. According to union manager Dmitri Trudovoy, the assembly machinery and equipment will be transferred to the Kaluga plant , directly controlled by Volkswagen, where 4,200 people are employed and where the possibility; of a restart does not & egrave; still averted. As for the GAZ site, the company does not seem willing to close it completely but to look for other partners to restart the business.

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