Preview of Fritz!OS 7.50: Updated Fritz!Labor for ADSL, VDSL and cable routers


With the updated Fritz!Labor 7.39, AVM has released new beta firmware for the Fritz!Box 7590 AX, 7590, 6591 Cable and 6660 Cable as a preview of Fritz!OS 7.50. The ADSL, VDSL and cable routers are four of currently ten products that have been selected for an upgrade to the upcoming router operating system.

Four times new firmware as a preview of Fritz!OS 7.50

With the latest firmware updates, AVM is once again fixing bugs in Fritz!Labor 7.39, which until the release of Fritz! OS 7.50, which is due to be released later this year, should ideally all be fixed.

According to the official release notes for beta versions 07.39-97969, 7.39-97964, 7.39-97972 and 7.39-97975, the manufacturer has made improvements in the areas of Internet, WLAN, home network and system.


  • [Fixed] Device locks were ignored depending on default profile
  • [Fixed] New WireGuard -VPN connections could not be created

  • [Fixed] There were problems with video streaming on devices connected to a FRITZ!Repeater
  • [Fixed] Various errors on the “WLAN/Wireless Network” page in the user interface
  • < li>[Fixed] Delayed transfer after changes in the input fields for “Name of the wireless network (SSID)” and “WLAN network key” on the “WLAN/wireless network” page

Home network:

  • [Fixed] Parental controls unexpectedly indicated that the online time was up
  • [Improvement] Improved display of LAN connections in the Mesh overview of the FRITZ!Box

  • [Fixed] Event messages were possibly classified in the wrong categories
  • Improved detail pages are displayed after editing by clicking on “Apply” is now not only saved, but also exited
  • Improved icons for device lock and real-time prioritization on the start page revised

Fritz!Labor 7.39 – Release Notes

The six others already included Fritz!Labor 7.39 supplied models should soon receive another update and catch up with the four updated models.

More on the topic

  • Fritz!OS – The big firmware overview

It is not yet known whether other routers and repeaters will be added to the beta program later or whether the final version of Fritz!OS 7.50 with the free VPN technology WireGuard will be received at the end.

The following is an overview of the current beta firmware:

Fritz!Labor firmware

  • ADSL and VDSL -Router
    • Fritz!Box 7590 → v07.39-97964
    • Fritz!Box 7590 AX → v07.39-97969
    • Fritz!Box 7530 AX → v07.39-97402
    • Fritz!Box 7530 → v07.39-97652
  • Cable router
    • Fritz!Box 6690 Cable → v07.39-97334
    • Fritz!Box 6660 Cable → v07.39-97975
    • Fritz! Box 6591 Cable → v07.39-97972
  • Mobile router
    • Fritz!Box 6890 LTE → v07 .39-96061
    • Fritz!Box 6850 LTE → v07.39-96343
  • Repeater
    • Fritz!Repeater 2400 → v07.39-97463

Fritz!Labor = Fritz!OS Beta

Experienced users can, as usual, use the Fritz!Labor website to get a first impression of the upcoming Fritz!OS 7.50.

Instinct and a little experience can't hurt here either, and in a productive work environment, a beta are only used in the very rarest of cases anyway.

Note: The laboratory versions are always in beta status and were developed by AVM before the Release tested in standard environments, but may lead to malfunctions.

Users can switch back to the official Fritz!OS at any time via System → Update → Fritz!OS-Version.

Further information can be found on the Fritz!Labor.< website, which is dedicated to the beta program /p>