Polestar 5, this is how the electric GT could be


Polestar in 2024 porter & agrave; the Polestar 5 debut. It is a high-performance electric GT that made a brief prototype appearance at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. An interesting model, based on the Precept concept car that will be showcasing; the latest technologies that the car manufacturer has developed for its battery-powered cars.

Starting from the images of the prototype, a render tries to show what the final appearance of this electric GT could be like.


The brand focuses heavily on this car and over time has provided a lot of little information on its development. Is not serious; a mystery that the Polestar 5 was designed to compete directly with models of the caliber of the Porsche Taycan. To achieve this, the car manufacturer has developed a new platform and above all has designed new electric motors specifically designed to offer high performance.

The car supporter & agrave; 800 V architecture and, therefore, it will be; capable of recharging at very high power. Polestar also made it known that the goal is to offer a powertrain with 884 hp (650 kW) and a torque of 900 Nm . Numbers that make it clear that performance will be very high. There is no information on the battery and autonomy. You can & ograve; however imagine the integration of a battery pack with a capacity around 100 kWh.

If we already know about the design and technical specifications; something, nothing particular & egrave; been said about the interior. We will certainly find a minimal design and sustainable and recyclable materials. In addition, we will have a latest generation infotainment system. The Polestar 5 will therefore represent a sort of manifesto of the best technologies that the manufacturer is; was able to develop.

The debut is still some time away and before the electric GT the brand will launch; on the market the electric SUV Polestar 3 and the SUV Coup & eacute; Polestar 4. So, there will be; definitely still the opportunity for more information on the development of this new high-performance electric car.

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