Android Auto 7.8 available for more? users. And here comes the beta of version 7.9


Google's double green light: one is; for Android Auto 7.8 in stable version , the other for Android Auto 7.9 on the beta channel . In the last few days, in fact, Mountain View has extended the audience of users who can & ograve; upgrade your system to the latest stable version, and at the same time released a new beta version.

The news of this latest update (7.9) indicated in the APK changelog (which you can find by following the link in SOURCE) mention an unspecified improvement in functionality; & quot; do not disturb & quot; and the fact that now the mode & agrave; dark for the car user interface is independent of the phone (we remind you that, starting last month, Google pulled the plug from the Android Auto app for smartphones: now you can interact directly from the operating system).

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Android p>Furthermore, in the changelog there are also the inevitable & quot; bug fixes & quot; flanked by & quot; other improvements & quot ;: the detailed nature of these interventions & egrave; however currently unknown. We can assume (and hope) that Mountain View has intervened to solve known problems such as those manifested using Android Auto in combo with the latest Samsung flagships, namely Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Finally, in all likelihood, the underground works continue to pave the way for the redesign of the Android Auto UI with “ Coolwalk '', officially announced during the Google I/O 2022.

Vale it is worth pointing out that there is no to worry if you still can't download Android Auto 7.8 on the stable channel: the distribution of these updates & egrave; always fragmented and gradual, and in the meantime the system will be able to continue to work even with previous versions.

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