Novitec brings the Ferrari SF90 over 1,100 HP


The famous German tuner Novitec got his hands on the pi & ugrave; powerful hybrid of Ferrari, the SF90, which with the powertrain consisting of a V8 engine and 3 units & agrave; electric for 1,000 hp of total power already represented; a record model in the history of the Maranello company. Novitec technicians are for & ograve; committed to further raise this limit, managing to bring it up to 1,109 hp.

OTHER 109hp FROM V8 &p> power ugrave & egrave; been & ldquo; extracted & rdquo; entirely from the V8, working on the electronic management and replacing the exhaust with a specific design equipped with metal catalysts to finally get the 109 hp more; and 118 Nm of torque (for a total of 889 hp and 918 Nm ), without touching the electrical part. Specifically, 2 control modules were installed that modified the engine mapping parameters for injection and ignition and increased the maximum boost pressure by delaying the intervention of the limiter. The performances declared by Novitec speak of a 0-100 km/h in just 2.4 seconds and a 0- 200 km/h in 6.3 seconds (respectively 1 and 2 tenths less than the standard model) and a speed maximum unspecified but & ldquo; exceeding 340 km/h & rdquo ;.


The clothing is; been customized trying to maintain the high aerodynamic standards of the Prancing Horse hypercar: Novitec has developed new body parts in carbon naked, like the front spoiler with two detachable side flow deflectors, and 21 & rdquo; made by forging by the American company Vossen.

Of course, several other options are available, starting with a lowered set-up of 30 mm in front and 25 mm behind with springs with a higher calibration. sporty, a lifting device of the front axle to overcome ramps and small obstacles and various internal elements in carbon.

Even the modified exhaust can & ograve; be implemented by requiring gold plating to increase heat dissipation and adding a throttle valve device for sound control. The two 112 mm stainless steel tailpipes can also be gold-plated. Then there are Race-type fenders and mirrors with optimized aerodynamics.

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