NIO, reached 10 million battery exchanges


NIO relies heavily on battery swap technology and we have seen how it is working to expand its infrastructure of battery exchange stations in both China and Europe where it has recently begun offering its electric cars. The Chinese manufacturer celebrated a small but significant milestone. In fact, it announced that on July 4th its customers had carried out a total of 10 million battery exchanges .

To be precise, the battery swap that made it possible to obtain this small record is; was performed by an ES8 at a station at the Shanghai Hongqiao VEG Creative Park. It is worth noting that in April NIO reported that its users had made approximately 8 million battery swaps.

BATTERY SWAP SERVICE CONTINUES TO GROW offer customers 4,000 battery swap stations , of which 1,000 outside the borders of China.

It must be said that NIO proposes a business model centered on Battery as a Service (BaaS) . Therefore, the customer can & ograve; buy the electric car but without paying the battery. It will have to then pay a monthly fee for the rental of the battery which also allows access to the battery swap service. By choosing this solution, buyers no longer have to; worry about battery degradation.

Currently, NIO is installing 2nd Generation Power Battery Swap Stations that allow up to 312 battery swaps per day. The whole procedure takes place completely automatically and takes only a handful of minutes. These stations contain 13 batteries inside.

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