Lamborghini Aventador, the spy photos of the heir of the supercar that will be hybrid


Last year, Lamborghini debuted the Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae supercar, a model designed to pay homage to the supercar with V12 engine reached the end of its career. In fact, next year will come; the heir of this sport that will dispose; of a Plug-in powertrain as required by the car manufacturer's electrification plan.

Now, this new super sports car & egrave; was intercepted during a road test session. The spy photos show a car still disguised but & egrave; it is possible, however, to observe some details.


The heir to the Lamborghini Aventador continues to feature the characteristic wedge shape. We can also observe a short nose where slim design headlights stand out, different from those present today on the Aventador. The front air intakes appear to have smaller dimensions than the current model. In profile we can see the generous side air intakes of the engine while behind stands the exhaust system with 4 terminals centrally placed at the top that separate the optical groups.

Unfortunately, the camouflage does not allow you to better observe the details of the new supercar. Surely there will be; way to know more & ugrave; since the debut is still some time away. What will be interesting to discover & egrave; the new powertrain that we will find on board the new Lamborghini car.

We know that it will be; a V12 with Plug-in technology . Particular details on its characteristics, at the moment there are none yet. The only detail that is emerged & egrave; that the engine displacement could be less than that (6.5 liters) of the V12 of the Aventador. We do know, however, that CEO Winkelmann has promised that this new car will also offer; that driving efficiency typical of Lamborghini supercars. For this, a series of measures would have been applied to compensate for the inevitable weight increase due to the integration of the electric motor and the battery.

All that remains is to be patient and wait for the arrival of more information on the features of this new future supercar from Lamborghini.

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