GAC unveils a concept of a hydrogen minivan with interiors similar to a & quot; living room & quot;


At GAC Tech Day 2022 the Chinese manufacturer presented several novelties & agrave; including the concept of a particular hydrogen minivan called SPACE . This is not a vehicle destined for future series production. This concept is was designed to show some technologies that could arrive on board the GAC cars in the future. The manufacturer spoke mainly about the design and interior which are very particular and similar to a living room.

The Chinese brand has not provided specific information regarding the engine. However, during GAC Tech Day 2022 it also presented a 1.5-liter hydrogen-powered engine , claiming that it consumes 0.84 kg of hydrogen per 100 km.


The forms of the concept are extremely particular. The front in which & egrave; there is a large grille that lights up. Then we have large wheels with a precise aerodynamic design. The roof line & egrave; inspired by traditional Chinese architecture and is has been designed to maximize the space available inside the passenger compartment.

To access the interior we find a traditional door and a large gull-wing door which, once opened, make it easier for passengers to enter. The cockpit is configured as a sort of living room and can & ograve; be modified according to the mode & agrave; guide selected. We find two seats that can rotate and an L-shaped sofa for the second row.

In the mode & agrave; Bonfire Circle, for example, the seats rotate, the floor lights up, and the center table rises. The mode Tea Time Lounge & egrave; perhaps the most curious, with an additional seating area appearing in the back that allows people to relax and enjoy a cup of tea while I'm outdoors.

The concept is; already ready for level 4 autonomous driving (here we explain the different levels of autonomous driving). Activating it, the steering wheel disappears and the car takes total control. GAC is not; the first car manufacturer who tries to imagine the interiors of cars when he will be; autonomous driving available. With this concept, therefore, the brand tries to show a pinch of the future.

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