The electric of the future: in the city? ? tight as a scooter, outside it turns and goes at 90 per hour


To deal with more and more traffic; chaotic of big cities, several companies are launching electric microcars on the market which thanks to their compact size are particularly suitable for moving around urban centers. City Transformer, an Israeli startup, designed the CT-1 which is referred to as a “foldable microcar” thanks to the fact that & egrave; You can change the width of the carriageway with a simple button.

In this way & egrave; It is possible to adapt the small battery-powered car to the various contexts in which it will be; used in the city & agrave; (streets, parking lots …). Now, the startup has announced that it has chosen SEGULA Technologies as an engineering partner for the development of its particular microcar. Therefore, SEGULA supporter & agrave; the startup in all aspects of design, engineering and technological implementation. The collaboration will extend & agrave; as well as prototypes and pre-production tests of CT-1, including homologation and final validation before launch.

In the first phase of the collaboration with SEGULA, Group engineers from France, Germany, Israel and Australia will undertake a feasibility study; which is expected to end later in the year. Following the positive outcome of the feasibility assessments, the two partners will move on to the design, engineering and technological implementation phases, with the aim of industrializing and fully optimizing CT-1 in view of the launch on the market.


The path of City Transformer & egrave; started in 2014. Currently, the concept of CT-1 is; arrived in its seventh generation. The electric microcar has two seats and is based on City Transformer's modular skateboard architecture. Thanks to a proprietary technology, can & ograve; reduce its width from 1.4 meters to one meter. The length is 2.5 meters, with a pitch of 1.8 meters.

When in the mode & quot; Performance & quot; with a width of 1.4 meters, the speed & agrave; maximum reaches 90 km/h . In the mode & quot; City & quot; with width reduced to one meter, the speed peak & egrave; limited to 45 km/h. The powertrain & egrave; consisting of two electric motors capable of providing a total of 15 kW of power . The manufacturer declares a range of up to 180 km on a single charge (battery capacity not declared). The total weight & egrave; of 590 kg.

The mass production of CT-1 & egrave; scheduled for 2024 , but City Transformer already offers; to individuals the possibility; to pre-order it leaving an advance of 150 euros. The price? For the moment, the startup website reads 16,000 euros, a cost that drops to 12,500 euros for those who will carry out; pre-order.

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