Skyrim Together Reborn: Co-op mod for role-playing game starts from scratch


Skyrim Together Reborn marks the next attempt at a multiplayer modification for Bethesda's role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. The mod, created by fans in their spare time, is scheduled to be released on Friday and will do many things better than its predecessor.

Skyrim Together was a modification for the open world, which is now over 10 years old -RPG The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (review) by Bethesda. The mod expanded the game with an online multiplayer mode for initially up to eight players. The independent development team provided the necessary servers and financed the project via a Patreon campaign.

Skyrim Together will be “reborn”

This version of Skyrim Together is now history and was discontinued a few days ago with the announcement of the successor. On Friday, July 8 at 6 p.m. (CEST), Skyrim Together Reborn will be released as a new and, above all, better attempt at cooperative multiplayer in the still popular open-world RPG. The developers speak of a “code written from scratch”, which was necessary because the old code base was far “too chaotic” to work with. But the effort has paid off, “because Skyrim Together Reborn is significantly better than the old Skyrim Together,” it is promised and demo videos

The official feature list mentions a comparison of dialogues, NPCs, monsters and quests; the inventory of players, NPCs and containers should also be synchronized. If a player dies, a respawn occurs instead of reloading a saved game as is the case in single-player mode. The mod is designed for co-op gameplay, but there is an option to enable a PvP mode.

A video from May demonstrates how 5 players fight and complete quests together. According to a previous stress test, even more players are potentially possible, but the mod is again intended for a maximum of eight players.

Support and Instructions

Mod requires ownership of Skyrim Special Edition 1.6 on Steam, Anniversary Upgrade not required. The mod is not compatible with the Legendary Edition, the Gamepass version or the versions for VR or game consoles.

There should only be official instructions for installing Skyrim Together Reborn at the release. At that time, this was done on the Nexus Mods portal.

Bugs and still missing features

Not everything is running smoothly yet; some features do not work as they should or have yet to be implemented. For example, the heroes in the video can all sit in the same chair, which makes you smile but doesn't hurt the actual game.

Some things are also not (yet) in sync, such as the respective weather or the player housing. While weather sync will be coming to the mod at a later date, player housing is not. This is intended so that the possessions hoarded there are safe from other players.

For later, synchronous path markings or a shared distribution of experience points within the group are also planned.

Fallout 4 Together in the limbo

The independent developers who make The Together Team name, have the same plans for the post-apocalyptic Fallout 4. But now that all forces have been joined for the development of Skyrim Together Reborn, it is unclear when and if Fallout Together will be released at all.

More information about Skyrim Together Reborn is provided by the The team's website, official wiki, and associated subreddit.