Renault Trafic SpaceNomad, the elegant camper with solar panels


The camper variant of the new Renault Trafic SpaceClass, named SpaceNomad, & egrave; was presented at the specialized international fair of Dusseldorf in September 2021: the vehicle, set up by the Pilote company, was already; was put up for sale in Switzerland directly by the local Renault branch and is now starting to be available also in other markets such as France and Belgium (Italy is not yet on the list at the moment) and in the meantime it is; been updated in the equipment with the addition of solar panels on the pop-up roof that transforms into a tent.


The solar panel is; included in the standard equipment of Trafic SpaceNomad and has the main advantage of extending the average reserve of electricity from the previous 48 hours guaranteed by the on-board batteries up to 72 hours , using, among other things, a clean source and renewable. The vehicle & egrave; equipped with LED reading lights and USB sockets for charging portable devices.

PRODUCTION INCREASED BY 10 TIMES 200 per month , to meet the constant increase in demand for vehicles configured for leisure.

In fact, it takes about 9 days to complete an example: in addition to the installation of the lifting roof with solar panel, two swiveling front seats are installed, a bench that converts into a bed, a 49-liter refrigerator, a 2-burner hob with piezoelectric ignition, a sink with integrated tap, a drinking water tank and another for waste water, a table that can be opened inside or outside, a shower located in the rear of the vehicle, a tent of over 4 square meters and a series of storage compartments with a total capacity of 250 liters.


Trafic SpaceNomad & egrave; available in 2 lengths, 5.08 and 5.48 meters, and with a range of diesel engines with power between 110 and 170 HP with automatic transmission for those of 150 and 170 HP. Seats can be 4 or 5 seats , with single swiveling front seats and fixed 2-seater rear sofa or sliding 3-seater.

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