Pulsar X2 Wireless: Ultra-light shooter mouse between GPXS and XM2w


A few months ago, Pulsar launched the Xlite V2 Wireless and the Xlite V2 Mini Wireless, the lightest shooter mice to date with an asymmetrical shape for the palm grip. A symmetrical mouse for fingertip and claw grip is to follow soon – without holes and with the hardware of the Endgame Gear XM2w Chassis between G Pro X Superlight and XM2w

In the segment of wireless and yet lightweight mice for competitive shooter players, Logitech's G Pro X Superlight (test) and its predecessor G Pro Wireless (test) are probably more popular than any other mouse series. With a subtle design and no frills, the GPXS in particular appeals to esports professionals as well as a large number of “normal” gamers at home – so it’s no wonder that the concept is now being adopted more and more often by other manufacturers – most recently by Razer with the Viper V2, for example Pro (Test). Endgame Gears XM2w is also already expected, but this has now unexpectedly been delayed until autumn 2022.

Pulsar Gaming Gears is now struggling with the X2 Symmetrical Wireless and its mini version in between. In terms of shape, it is a cross between the G Pro X Superlight and the XM2w with a flat front. The two Pulsar input devices should be even lighter: around 55-60 grams are expected for the X2 Wireless and the X2 Mini should weigh even less at around 50-55 grams – and that without holes in the housing, with which the Xlite-V2 models still came along. Exact specifications for both mice are not yet available because Pulsar, following a tiresome trend, only publishes bits and pieces of the details – but in the meantime an almost complete picture can be constructed.

High-end technology for sensors and all buttons

Basically, the two Pulsar input devices offer the same technology that Endgame Gear has promised for the XM2w. The information on the sensors – we are talking about a resolution of 26,000 CPI and a maximum measurable speed of 16.5 m/s – point to the PixArts PAW-3395. It is the variant of the PAW-3399 that is not exclusively available to Razer, which was first used in the Viper Ultimate (test) at the end of 2019 and has only been available for use by other manufacturers for a few months. Pulsar pairs the most powerful sensor apart from the PAW-3950 in the Viper V2 Pro with Kailh's GM 8.0. The mechanical microswitches are not only used for the primary buttons, but also for the mouse wheel click, the two additional buttons on the left and the button on the bottom intended for the sequential CPI change.

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Pulsar X2 Symmetrical Wireless (Picture: Pulsar)

Apart from that, there are proven high-end virtues: A USB query rate of 1,000 Hertz is achieved via 2.4 GHz radio, a flexibly wrapped cable has a USB-C connector at the end, and the X2 Symmetrical also slides Wireless on white PTFE mouse feet. It can also be assumed that, as with the Xllite V2 Wireless and Xlite V2 Mini Wireless, Pulsar will offer variants equipped ex works with Superglide sliding elements made of aluminosilicate glass.

Exact weight, market start and price are unknown

The exact weight and battery life of both X2 mice, but also the market launch, remain open questions. A few months ago, the manufacturer announced a start for the larger model towards the end of June or beginning of July 2022, but obviously the date could not be met. The X2 Mini Wireless was originally supposed to be released in late July or early August. Here, too, a delay seems conceivable – anything else would probably come as a surprise given the current circumstances with numerous interrupted supply chains, delivery problems with many components and lockdowns in China.

However, Pulsar indicates that both mice will only be sold when they are available from stock. Apparently the manufacturer doesn't want to get into Endgame Gear's situation – the XM2w has been available for pre-order for some time with a planned delivery date of May 2022; Affected customers are now particularly upset about the postponement. Another question remains the price of the X2 Symmetrical Wireless and the mini version – Pulsar once spoke of around 95 US dollars, but it is easy to imagine that this goal cannot be achieved either. According to the RRP, the XM2w costs 110 euros; G Pro X Superlight and Viper V2 Pro have a recommended retail price of 160 euros.

Pulsar Gaming Gears X2 Wireless Endgame Gear XM2w Logitech G Pro X Superlight Razer Viper V2 Pro Ergonomics: Balanced (Right-handed) Balanced (Ambidextrous) Balanced (Right-handed) Sensor: PixArt PAW-3395
Lift-Off-Distance: 1.0-2.0mm Logitech Hero 25K
Lift-Off Distance: 1.0mm PixArt PAW-3950
Lift-Off Distance: 1.0-3 .0 mm Resolution: 50-26,000 CPI
5 levels 100-25,600 CPI
5 levels 100-30,000 CPI
5 levels Speed: 16.5 m/s 10.2 m/s 19.0 m/s Acceleration: 490 m/s² 392 m/s² 686 m/s² USB polling rate: 1,000 Hz Primary button: Kailh GM 8.0, 80 million . Clicks Omron D2FC-F-7N, 20 million Clicks Razer Optical, 90 million Clicks Number of keys: 6
Top: 3 Bottom: 1
Left side: 2 5
Top: 3
Left side: 2 6
Top: 3 Bottom: 1
Left side: 2 special keys : mouse wheel
cpi switcher mouse wheel mouse wheel
cpi switcher Software: fully programmable
Macro recording
Internal memory – 5 profiles
Fully programmable, secondary allocation
Macro recording
Internal memory: 5 Profiles 5 profiles
fully programmable, secondary occupancy
Macro recording
Internal memory: 1 profile Illumination: – Housing: 120 × 63 × 38 mm
Hard plastic
Sliding feet: PTFE (pure) Variant 116 × 61 × 37 mm
Hard plastic
Sliding feet: PTFE (pure) 122 × 66 × 39 mm
Hard plastic, coating
Sliding feet: PTFE (pure) 125 × 64 × 40 mm
Hard plastic
Sliding feet: PTFE (pure) 127 × 67 × 39 mm
Hard plastic, coating
Glossy elements
Sliding feet: PTFE (pure) Weight: ? Grams (w/o cable) 63 g (w/o cable) 60 g (w/o cable) 58 g (w/o cable) Connection: USB-C cable, braided
Radio: 2.4 GHz
proprietary battery
Charging: Cable USB-A to USB-C cable, 1.80 m braided
Radio: 2.4 GHz
Proprietary battery
Charging: Cable USB-A to Micro-USB Cable, 1.80 m
Radio: 2.4 GHz
Proprietary battery, 70 h runtime
Charging: Cable, induction (proprietary) USB-A to USB-C cable, 1.80 m , Wrapped
Radio: 2.4 GHz
Proprietary battery, 80 hrs runtime
Charging: Cable Price: $95 €110 from €100/from €107 from €150/€160