Porteus 5.0: Linux distribution with eight desktops on the smallest foot


Porteus 5.0 is a portable Linux distribution that runs on the smallest foot as a live system or started from a USB storage medium completely in the system's main memory. Despite the extremely slim system images of 300 to 450 megabytes, the free operating system comes with eight desktops.

Portable distribution with Linux 5.18

Just a few hours ago, the developers from the Portable Linux Community published Porteus 5.0, the latest major release of the portable Linux distribution based on the Linux 5.18 operating system kernel. You can choose from a total of eight system images with just as many desktop environments or window managers, including the sizes established under Linux.

Porteus 5.0 with Cinnamon 5.4 (Image: Porteus)

In addition to the comfortable and “full-fledged” desktops KDE Plasma 5, the MATE Desktop Environment, LXQt and LXDE as well as Xfce and the from Linux Mint known Cinnamon, the extremely resource-efficient window manager Openbox is available under Porteus 5.0.

Porteus 5.0 – System images for x86_64

  • Porteus 5.0 “LXQt Edition” (ISO)
  • Porteus 5.0 “Openbox Edition” (ISO)
  • Porteus 5.0 “KDE Plasma Edition” (ISO)
  • Porteus 5.0 “MATE Desktop Edition” (ISO)
  • Porteus 5.0 “Cinnamon Edition” (ISO)
  • Porteus 5.0 “Gnome Edition” (ISO)
  • Porteus 5.0 “LXDE Edition” (ISO)
  • Porteus 5.0 “Xfce Edition” (ISO)

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The portable operating system is based on Slackware, the oldest Linux distribution still active and the first to be widely used worldwide, and runs either as a live system on a storage medium or, with the help of option number 3 during the boot process LOAD TO RAM, completely in the main memory of the Computers.

Here you can see the clear parallels to EXTIX 21.05, which has a very similar feature set and also offers a so-called “kiosk mode”.

Porteus brings old systems to the Internet

After booting using LOAD TO RAM, the USB storage medium can be removed , since the entire distribution runs in the system's main memory without making any changes to the SSD and hard disk.

Porteus 5.0 is particularly good for upgrading old computer systems to surf the Internet f to make it.

As usual, see the official release notes and the official website.