Hyundai supports the creation of a hydrogen ecosystem in the Czech Republic


Hyundai is pursuing a precise strategy linked to the use of technology of the & # 39; hydrogen . A plan that is not; closely linked to the world of 4 wheels. Indeed, the Korean carmaker, as we know, intends to promote a company & agrave; based on hydrogen by 2040. So, the idea is; that of developing an ecosystem linked to hydrogen that can be used in different fields.

The announcement by Hyundai that it has signed is part of this broad strategy.a multilateral memorandum of understanding with public and private parties from Korea and the Czech Republic . The goal is to create an ecosystem of mobility within this European country; based on hydrogen.


So, for both the Czech Republic and Hyundai, hydrogen will play. a fundamental role in the change towards ecological, reliable and economically sustainable energy sources. As part of the agreement, Hyundai will work to support the development of fuel cell systems , promoting the exchange of information on the hydrogen industry, creating a hydrogen distribution and recharging infrastructure and developing and promoting production technologies.

Thanks to this agreement, the aim is accelerate the creation of a hydrogen ecosystem in the country , starting a collaboration on the whole process and value chain of the hydrogen industry. Hyundai will share his experience in the construction and management of hydrogen refueling stations and supporter & agrave; the development of technologies related to stations in collaboration with H2KOREA.

We recall that the Czech Republic aims to introduce well 50,000 fuel cell vehicles by 2030 , as part of the government to promote the hydrogen industry. This initiative between Hyundai and the Czech Republic on paper & egrave; very interesting since the manufacturer will support & agrave; actively Czech companies in the development of mobility; hydrogen. All that remains is to wait to discover the fruits of this collaboration.

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