Huawei Tag: waterproof AirTags copy presented in China


After the Huawei S-Tag was mistakenly seen as a competitor to Apple's AirTags before it was launched, but it was actually a motion sensor for sports, Huawei actually has one with the Huawei Tag Counterpart to the AirTags, which is visually and functionally very similar to the original.

The Huawei Tag is also intended as a location tracker and uses Bluetooth for location. In this way, Huawei devices record the location of a tag and also communicate it to other devices, so that owners can find their lost belongings. Due to the more widespread use of iPhones, however, the AirTags should have clear advantages when it comes to localization in Germany and transmit their location much more frequently than the Huawei tags can. Since the AirTags also contain an ultra-broadband chip that Huawei does not use in the new tag, the Huawei tags cannot show their exact location in the immediate vicinity with a direction indicator on the smartphone display. The localization is therefore less precise. In order to still be able to find them on site, the Huawei Tag also has a built-in speaker that can play a signal tone.

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Huawei Tag (Image: Huawei)

NFC with owner_information and IP67

Using NFC, owners can store information about themselves on the tag so that other people who find objects with the Huawei tag can read them and contact the owner. In a 5.6 mm housing – which Huawei didn't make completely round like the Apple AirTags, but which is somewhat reminiscent of the shape of a guitar pick – there is a battery that is supposed to guarantee a battery life of around one year. So that the Huawei Tag can withstand external influences, it is protected against dust and water according to IP67; it also withstands brief immersion without being immediately defective.

Huawei Tag (Image: Huawei)

First in China from the end of July

In China, Huawei Tag will go on sale on July 30, 2022. Converted, it is significantly cheaper than the AirTags from Apple, which have a recommended retail price of 35 euros. Because a single Huawei tag costs 99 yuan, which corresponds to around 14 euros. The four-pack, on the other hand, should cost 299 yuan, around 42 euros. The holder for the bunch of keys, for example, costs 69 yuan – around 10 euros.

It is not yet known when and if the Huawei Tag will also be available in Germany .