Ford Bronco, the off-road vehicle arrives in Europe at the end of 2023


The new Ford Bronco is preparing to arrive in Europe . The American car manufacturer, in fact, has announced that this model will be; marketed in a limited number of units and only in some selected countries of the Old Continent, starting from the end of 2023 . Is not serious; clear if in this list of European countries there will be & agrave; also Italy. Furthermore, it seems that not all variants of this model (only the 4-door one) will be imported into the European market. Given that there is still some time left at the start of marketing, we will surely know more about it. over the next few months.

After the success on the American market, the manufacturer of the Blue Oval has therefore decided to satisfy the requests of its European customers who were looking for an off-road vehicle with the characteristics of this model.

The Bronco & egrave; the most off-road vehicle tough and versatile by Ford and the new generation fuses the DNA of the original version with the most advanced; recent terrain control technologies and a wide range of accessories to create a new off-road icon.

As mentioned above, details on commercialization in the European market are still scarce . However, according to Ford, it seems that the variant for the European market will have; of the same equipment as that for the American market.

So, we will have an off-road vehicle equipped with a high-strength steel frame with seven crosspieces . In addition, this car will be able to rely on HOSS suspension (High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension), which includes independent arms with long-travel coil springs at the front, which reduce unsprung weight by up to 20% compared to rigid axle models. At the rear we find a five-arm suspension scheme with variable calibration springs.

Although designed to be able to tackle even the most difficult routes; demanding, the new Ford Bronco will have; even with a lot of technology. Inside the passenger compartment, in fact, the digital instrumentation with 8-inch screen and the infotainment system with 12-inch display stand out. The platform of the infotainment system is; Ford's well-known SYNC 4 already has; seen on several new models of the American manufacturer.

On the safety side, among other things we find a 360-degree camera system with an off-road view that frames the wheels that would not otherwise be visible. No mention for the engines that will be offered on the European market. The Raptor version is unlikely to arrive in this market due to particularly high consumption and emissions. All that remains is to wait for news; on the debut of this model in the Old Continent.

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