Chrysler 300, the heir will come? in 2026 and will be? electric


About Chrysler's electrification plans let's start learning more. The American brand of the Stellantis Group is expected to debut three battery-powered models by 2028. In addition, at CES 2022 in Las Vegas it had announced the Chrysler Airflow concept car developed to show some design elements that we will find inside its future battery-powered vehicles.

Apparently, it seems that the manufacturer wants to give an heir to the current Chrysler 300 . This car should arrive in 2026 and be 100% electric . According to a report by Drive, the new electric sedan is expected to rest on the Stellantis Group's STLA Large platform just like the Airflow concept car. In addition, supporter & agrave; an 800 V architecture to be able to recharge at very high power.


According to the specifications mentioned during Stellantis & # 39; EV Day, this platform allows you to build models between 4.70 and 5.40 meters long and with a battery of over 100 kWh. At the time, it had been hinted that they were already a series of models are being developed on the STLA Large platform. One of these, therefore, could be the heir to the Chrysler 300. According to the report, this car could have a range of up to 800 km .

Chrysler's new electric sedan is expected to have some technical similarities to a future Dodge model that is expected to hit the market first. In addition, it is said that it may have powertrains with EDM3 electric motors that can offer between 150 and 330 kW of power. At present, of course, it is not; still unclear what the overall power of the car could be. It is likely, however, that the electric sedan will be offered in addition; versions with one or two units electric.

The electric heir to the Chrysler 300 will be the second battery-powered model of the American brand. In 2025 it will debut & agrave; a crossover that will be; a close relative of the Airflow concept car. If this is really the path that the American brand intends to take, means that the current endothermic model, on the market since 2011 (in Italy it had arrived as Lancia Thema), will remain; on the market for a few more years. All that remains is to better understand Chrysler's plans for the future. In the coming months, we will surely know more.

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