BlackBerry: 215 million cars use its QNX operating system


When we talk about BlackBerry we immediately think of old mobile phones with the & ldquo; Qwerty & rdquo; keyboard. From that point of view, the Canadian company, once a leader in the smartphone market, has lost a lot of ground.

But thanks to diversification, the software division has achieved a growing success in the sector of services related to mobility. Currently 215 million vehicles use BlackBerry software, 20 million more; compared to last year.

This is confirmed by the company Strategy Analytics, which obtained the number of cars by researching the licenses of the BlackBerry QNX operating system, which includes both functions related to security and functions related to the management of other parameters.

The BlackBerry QNX operating system is; adopted by brands such as BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, and Honda. John Chen, executive president and CEO of BlackBerry, said: “We continue to be among the market leaders for automotive software and are experiencing a period of steady growth. We went from 13 million in 2013 to 215 million today & rdquo ;.

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This branch of activities led to revenues from royalties of 560 million dollars and in the world, according to BlackBerry itself, 24 of the top 25 electric vehicle companies (including manufacturers and first-tier suppliers) adopt precisely the company software Canadian.

& ldquo; autonomous and connected vehicles will be key to the growth of cities & agrave; of the future & ndash; continued Chen & ndash; and the services linked to them go well with two other application changes in which we are very strong: the Internet of Things and cybersecurity. & Egrave; on these foundations we are building our future. ”

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