King Kong is camping in Hamburg


In downtown Hamburg, passers-by could now unexpectedly come face to face with oversized monkeys while shopping. Artist Liu Ruowang's sculptures aim to draw attention to the destruction of nature.

Liu Ruowang art campaign in Hamburg: Mönckebergstraße closed for two weeks

The shopping mile “Mönckebergstraße” is now an art mile: Twelve huge monkey sculptures are now in the middle of Hamburg city center not far from the main station. The 3.50 meter tall figures by the Chinese artist Liu Ruowang will shape the image of the popular Mönckebergstraße in the northern German metropolis for two weeks, according to the City Management Hamburg.

The action entitled “Arrived” is a cooperation with the international art exhibition NordArt in Büdelsdorf. The oversized gorillas, who turn their gaze to the sky, are meant to warn against the increasing destruction of nature as civilization advances.

It is not the first time that the sculptor Liu Ruowang has raised the question of the&nbsp ;vital Originals and its threat from the  supposed achievements of civilization. His works “Wolves Coming” and “Original Sin” were also dedicated to this pressing concern.

The friendly King Kongs, which he is now showing in Hamburg, are a logical further development of his message. “The stunned eyes and innocent face of the ape-men reveal a desire to rectify all that and move toward a bright future,” Ruowang said. For the first time, the sculptures are shown on a shopping street that is actually busy. Buses and taxis will be diverted for the duration of the open-air exhibition.  

AR/suc (dpa, Hamburg Tourismus)