Pnrr: 530 million to test hydrogen in rail and road transport


Italy also focuses on hydrogen for the transport sector. Indeed, the Minister of Infrastructure and Mobility Sustainable, Enrico Giovannini, has signed two decrees to carry out the works of the Pnrr that will allow experimenting with the use of hydrogen in rail transport locally and regionally and in transport road .

Overall, 530 million euros will be invested . The decrees signed by the minister establish the modalities; for the development of the hydrogen supply chain in rail transport and the construction of 40 refueling stations for hydrogen transport vehicles on the road network (the second Italian station was recently inaugurated in Mestre). 40% of the resources made available are; destined for projects to be carried out in the regions of Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily.


Specifically, 300 million euros will be allocated for the experimentation of hydrogen for rail transport. These resources will be used to retire diesel trains that still run locally on non-electrified lines . The ministry underlines that the use of hydrogen trains allows not only to eliminate polluting trains but also to skip the electrification phase of the lines, with significant cost savings.

The investments will all concern the supply chain: production of green hydrogen, transport, storage, construction of service stations and purchase of trains. The service stations for hydrogen refueling must be 10 and must be completed by 30 June 2026. By 31 March 2023, however, the resources for their construction will be allocated.

< p>The location of the investments takes into account, as a matter of priority, the areas and needs already in place; identified in the Pnrr and in other measures for the implementation of hydrogen, including the Valcamonica and Salento, the Circumetnea and Adriatic Sangritana railways, the Cosenza-Catanzaro regional railways, the rail link between the city & agrave; of Alghero and the airport, the Terni-Rieti-L & rsquo; Aquila-Sulmona section. The beneficiaries of the resources are the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces that carry out the railway service object of the innovative interventions.


For the experimentation of hydrogen in road transport, 230 million euros will be put on the table. The goal is that of achieving, as mentioned at the beginning, at least 40 refueling stations for light and heavy vehicles by 30 June 2026. To identify the places where to build them, some strategic areas will be considered a priority of the country.

For the location of refueling stations, strategic areas for heavy road transport, such as areas close to internal terminals, the most important routes, are considered as a priority; interested in the passage of means for the long-range transport of goods and connections to local public transport systems with hydrogen-powered vehicles. In particular, the filling stations will above all have to meet the needs of the Brenner road axis, the east-west corridor from Turin to Trieste, the corridors of the European Ten-T networks.

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