Teardown of MacBook Pro M2 proves: same laptop, just a new chip


MacBook Pro 2022 M2 teardown

iFixit therefore wonders whether they have taken apart the latest MacBook Pro. They therefore do not have much to say about the housing: this has remained exactly the same, including the screen. Most of the components are also the same. Apple has sometimes found a slightly smaller component, but the interior looks identical otherwise. It turned out to be possible to put the M2 motherboard in an M1 MacBook Pro housing, but it was not possible to switch on the device. The trackpad, keyboard and Touch ID sensor do not work and are apparently specifically linked to the M2 chip. iFixit thinks this is a bad development: it makes repairs and replacement of parts more difficult by blocking it with software.

iFixit also confirmed the new SSD layout in the 256GB model, making it underperforming that of the M1 MacBook Pro. Apple now uses a single 256GB SSD chip, while it previously used two 128GB SSD chips. These can read and write faster because the operations can be performed on both SSD chips at the same time. Apple may have chosen this because of a shortage of components.

Same model number on bottom
iFixit is not very positive about the new MacBook Pro. Apple hasn't taken the chance to improve anything to make upgrading or repairing that little bit easier. By blocking the exchange of components, Apple is not showing its most environmentally friendly side. In addition, the teardown also shows the complacency of Apple: the bottom of the case has not even changed compared to the 2020 version. Both have the model number A2338 engraved and the same FCC number. That could lead to confusion if people want to sell their MacBook second-hand: which version is it actually about. And earlier, a video showed that the packaging has also remained the same: Apple has only put a sticker with new technical specifications over the old print.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 chip was announced at WWDC 2022 and is now in stores and with consumers. We already knew that it is not a major upgrade compared to its predecessor, but iFixit has now also proven it with its own research. In addition, this MacBook is criticized for not being the best purchase. Many people are better off with the upcoming 13-inch MacBook Air 2022 with M2 chip in a new design. It will go on sale in July; an exact date has not yet been confirmed by Apple.

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