Stop to endothermic cars from 2035, for Volkswagen the challenge will be? in the batteries


The vote of the Council of Ministers of the Environment of the European Union, which has in fact confirmed the green light to the proposal of the European Commission to ban the sale of endothermic cars from 2035, is continuing to be discussed and not only in Italy. According to Arno Antlitz , Chief Financial Officer of the Volkswagen Group, the real challenge will not be; both the abandonment of the internal combustion engine and the having an adequate production of batteries .

12 years from an industrial point of view is not a long time. According to Arno Antlitz, the aim of the European Commission is; challenging but doable. But if converting automotive plants will not be; a big problem, the major effort star & agrave; in building an adequate supply chain for batteries .

Car manufacturers have announced several plans in recent months to have an adequate supply of batteries. However, find enough raw materials for the production of the cells it could be a more problem; great. Lack of an adequate supply of lithium, nickel, manganese or cobalt could slow the transition to electric vehicles, make them even more so. costly and threaten the profit margins of automakers who are investing huge amounts of money in electrification of their range of cars. A scenario that is not; the first time it is proposed.


Volkswagen intends to be ready by the 2035 deadline. As we know, it also plans to build 6 Gigafactories in Europe. However, the work to be done is; a lot and certainly not easy. Recall that the battery issue was also raised not too long ago by Carlos Tavares, the CEO of Stellantis.

The manager spoke of a shortage of batteries for electric vehicles by 2024-2025, followed by a lack of raw materials by 2027-2028 that will slow down availability and the adoption of electric models. For Tavares, in fact, the sector is moving so fast that the supply chain and the capacities; of production do not have time to adapt.

So, there will be; a lot of work since times, industrially speaking, are tight. There will be; probably need a greater contribution also from the political world with new projects at European level to support this phase of transformation.

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