Sports streaming: DAZN will cost up to twice as much from February


The provider DAZN (Da Zone), which specializes in sports streaming and in this segment in particular football, has announced a significant price increase of up to 100 percent via Twitter. Accordingly, new customers will no longer have to pay 14.99 euros per month, but 29.99 euros. The annual subscription will also be significantly more expensive.

Monthly subscription will be 29.99 euros in future

The new pricing applies to all customers who sign up for one of three new subscriptions beginning February 1st of this year. In the future, DAZN will be offered as an annual subscription with monthly billing for EUR 24.99, as an annual subscription with one-off billing for EUR 274.99 and as a monthly subscription that can be canceled monthly for EUR 29.99. So far, DAZN has offered a subscription that can be canceled monthly and an annual subscription.

The monthly subscription previously offered by DAZN, which can be canceled monthly, will effectively be 100 percent more expensive with the changeover from February 1st, or to put it another way: the service will cost around 30 instead of 15 euros in the future, twice as much. The price surcharge for the new annual subscription is “only” 83 percent.

Annual subscription is becoming more attractive

Obviously, DAZN would like to persuade more customers to take out annual subscriptions than monthly subscriptions From February, the subscription will be the clearly worst offer. Calculated on the total costs per year, the new annual subscription with one-off billing will bring a price advantage of 24 instead of the current 16 percent.

Waiting period for existing customers until the end of July

According to the Twitter post, there is a six-month waiting period until the end of July of this year for existing customers and those new users who decide to become a member of DAZN before February 1st. Subsequently, on August 1, these customers should also be switched to the new business model, at least with monthly billing. It is currently still unclear how DAZN will deal with customers whose annual subscription extends beyond July 31st. The editors are still in contact with the streaming provider and will update the article accordingly.

Update 01/25/2022 12:05 p.m.

Annual subscriptions keep until the end of the term their validity, explained a spokesman when asked. Anyone who takes out an annual subscription by the end of January can use it until the end of January 2023 at the old one-off price of EUR 149.99.

Update 07/01/2022 11:43 am

Existing customers are currently being informed due to the prescribed period of 30 days that the prices, which can be twice as high, will also apply to these users from August 1st. The monthly subscription for existing customers will soon be around 30 instead of 15 euros, and the annual subscription will be 275 instead of 150 euros. Corresponding resentment is spreading on Twitter under the hashtag #DAZN and many users are threatening termination or sharing screenshots that this step has already been taken.