Shield Experience Upgrade 9.1: Update enables ALLM and introduces night mode


Nvidia has released the new Shield Experience Upgrade 9.1 for download for all Shield consoles, making it possible for the first time to automatically switch to the television's game mode, the so-called “Auto Low Latency Mode” (ALLM ). Loud explosions are automatically leveled in the new night playback mode.

ALLM is an HDMI feature that causes the TV to switch to the lowest latency mode in order to to enable a responsive experience, especially in games. For the Shield to automatically switch to low latency mode when using GeForce Now or playing native Android games, the TV must support HDMI.

Night mode levels volume

The update also introduces a new night listening mode that automatically levels both loud explosions and quiet dialogue in real-time and only when using HDMI audio to provide a consistent listening experience, even when the volume is set low.

As per the release notes, the update also brings new or updated apps, including JioPages, a dedicated browser for Android TV that can be operated with the Shield TV app's remote control or virtual mouse. Nebula arrives as a new streaming service and the Disney+ app gets an IMAX playback update to play movies in 1.90:1 ratio.

New features and bugfixes

Detailed release notes can be found in the Nvidia forum, according to which workgroups can now also be defined in the local network. Only the 2019 Shield Pro now supports AI upscaling for HDR10 video at 60 Hz and the 2019 remote control has the option to wake the Shield with just the power or Netflix button.

For the Shield controller, you can specify that the console only wakes up when the logo is pressed. An option is new for the system to match PCM audio to the Dolby reference levels. In addition, HDR and Dolby Vision content can be hidden if desired, and the system issues a corresponding notification while the microphone is in use. According to the release notes, numerous bug fixes have also been fixed. Android TV will receive April 2022 Android security patches with the update.

With Dying Light 2 (4K), Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (4K/HDR), Rainbow Six Extraction (4K), SIFU (4K), Apex Legends: S13 (4K) and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (4K/HDR) are bringing six new games to GeForce Now as part of GFN Thursday.