Drako Dragon, a new & quot; super & quot; 2,000 hp electric SUV


California-based Drako Motors has announced its new electric model. This is the Drako Dragon , a & quot; super & quot; Ultra-high performance premium SUV. We already had some of this manufacturer, which has its headquarters in Silicon Valley; spoke several years ago when he unveiled the Drako GTE, an electric hypercar based on the Fisker Karma. A model equipped with 4 electric motors capable of delivering approximately 1,200 HP. Now, starting from the experience gained thanks to this car, Drako Motors wanted to achieve something even more; exclusive.

For the moment, the details of the project are not yet many. The company & agrave; yes & egrave; limited to sharing a series of teasers of the SUV, anticipating only a part of its specifications. More information should arrive by the end of the year.


This SUV & egrave; the first Drako Motors model designed from scratch. In this car there is even a little of Italy. Indeed, the design & egrave; the result of the work of Chief Designer Lowie Vermeersch and his Italian team of GranStudio (who also designed the Lightyear 0).

Looking at the first teaser images of the car, it shows that the new high-performance electric SUV has an aggressive look. The roof line & egrave; almost from coup & eacute ;. In addition, the gull-wing doors stand out. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not want to share interior photos. In this regard, he only stated that there will be; space for 5 people and who can & agrave; count on refined materials.

Bisogner & agrave; wait for the official presentation of the SUV to better discover its real forms and the cockpit. As for the powertrain, the details are not very many but what is told is; still very interesting. Therefore, Drako Dragon will dispose of of the DriveOS powertrain consisting of four electric motors. There is talk of a total power exceeding 2,000 CV .

The performance, consequently, will be decidedly remarkable. The manufacturer claims that the SUV will be; capable of exceeding 200 miles per hour (over 320 km/h). Furthermore, it will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 1.9 seconds. Finally, just 9 seconds would be enough in the classic quarter mile test.

If these numbers are confirmed, Drako Dragon will be & agrave; able to compete on a par with electric hypercars of the caliber of the Rimac Nevera. There is still no information on prices and availability; of this car. All that remains is to wait for the arrival of further details.

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