Cruise's robotaxis stop and block a street in San Francisco


Cruise is working on developing its self-driving transport service which is experimenting in different cities. In San Francisco , in particular, & egrave; It has recently been authorized to charge for the rides to people who decide to experiment with this new and particular form of transport with a driverless car. Apparently, though, there & # 39; & egrave; still to work.

On Tuesday evening, in fact, some Cruise cars blocked traffic on a street in San Francisco for a few hours due to a curious problem. Around midnight, according to what was reported, at least 5-6 Cruise's robotaxis all stopped shortly after an intersection, coming to regroup, as evidenced by the photos shared on Reddit.

According to testimonies, Cruise employees took action in about 20 minutes. However, there is took some time to move all the cars. Cruise recognized the inconvenience but he did not provide explanations on the technical reasons that caused this curious problem. Fortunately, there was no physical harm to the passengers in the cars.

In addition, Cruise & egrave; authorized to circulate his cars only at night from 10pm to 6am and at low speed; So, the drawback is it happened at a time when there wasn't a lot of traffic.


What happened suggests that there is a lot of work still to be done before driverless cars can really drive smoothly on public roads. The companies that develop these platforms probably have a long way to go.

It must be said that Cruise's cars, also in San Francisco, had been the protagonists of another curious problem. In fact, last April, a video circulated that soon became viral (which we propose again), in which a police patrol was seen stopping one of Cruise's robotaxis as it was circulating at night with the lights off.

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The funny thing is; that the car, once the policeman had gone away having failed to open the door, had immediately sprinted forward as if he was & quot; running away & quot;, and then stopped with the four arrows lit a little more; come on. A particular behavior that & egrave; it was later explained by Cruise that the car had only moved to find a better place; sure where to stop .

Cruise then claimed to have solved the problem that caused the car not to turn on the lights. Given what has happened now, it seems that there are still several technical aspects to be resolved. Furthermore, these “accidents” could question the policies of the city & agrave; about experimenting with these self-driving cars.

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