Car market Italy 2022: the month of June closes with a -15%


The month of June 2022 for the Italian car market still closes with a heavy negative sign . In fact, 127,209 cars were registered equal to a decrease of 15% compared to the same period of 2021. Looking at the first half of the year, in Italy there were 684,228 new cars registered, equal to a decrease of 22.7% compared to the same period of 2021. In the first 6 months of 2022 approximately 200,000 fewer cars were registered over the corresponding period of 2021.

UNRAE underlines that the incentives did not generate a real trend reversal even if in such a way; in a short time they could not have done so anyway.

The opening of the platform for booking incentives, on 25 May, did not generate a real turnaround, n & eacute; d & rsquo; on the other hand it could in so & igrave; a minimal portion of the market, acting exclusively on prompt deliveries.

Furthermore, UNRAE highlights how funds for incentives destined for electricity are slowly decreasing and the Plug-ins . At this rate, the projections indicate a lack of use of funds equal to 60% for the 0-20 g/km range and 80% for the 21-60 g/km range. Regardless of the decline in incentive funds, UNRAE underlines that the trend in registrations of cars on tap is stagnant.

In June 2022, PHEVs drop to 5.5% of the market (in May the share was 6.1%) while BEVs rise to 4.8% but are still below the 2021 level. According to Michele Crisci , president of UNRAE, this is proof of necessity; to include legal entities among the beneficiaries of the incentives.

In light of all this, for Crisci it would be desirable that the & quot; funds be used immediately to broaden the audience of beneficiaries to categories that would be ready to use them & quot ;.


Returning to the data of June 2022, speaking of fuel supplies, petrol and diesel are losing 18% and 21% of volumes respectively, stopping at 29.2% and 20.7% of share in the month. The performance of LPG was slightly positive (+ 1.3%), with a share rising to 9.7%. Methane collapses with a share that stops at 1.1%.

As for the electrified models, the BEVs and PHEVs we already have; said, while as regards the hybrids, the month of June closes with a share of 29.1%, made up of 8.7% of & ldquo; full & rdquo; hybrid and 24.3% of & ldquo; mild & rdquo; hybrid.

Looking at the numbers of the car groups, the results are obviously , mostly & ugrave; negatives. Stellantis loses 13.98% . The Volkswagen Group closes June 2022 with a decline of 24.54%, while the Renault Group limits its losses to -4.06%. Among the positive results that of the Nissan Group with an increase of 41.81%.

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