BMW ends production of the i3. 250,000 units produced since launch


BMW announced several months ago that at the beginning of summer 2022 it would put the < strong> word an end to the production of its electric i3. Approximately eight and a half years after its launch, the production of this model at the plant in Leipzig is; come to an end. The BMW i3 ends its career shortly after having crossed an important milestone. In fact, from the production lines & egrave; the car number 250,000 was released a few days ago. This is an important result for a model that continues to have interesting sales numbers at European level despite the many years behind it.

For example, in May 2022 BMW i3 & egrave; was the tenth most electric car sold at European level with 2,507 units & agrave; registered . To celebrate the end of the career of this electric car, BMW has produced a special version of the i3S (the most sporty variant of the i3) called HomeRun Edition which is characterized by some dedicated aesthetic details and a more ; rich. This special version is; was made in a limited number: only 10 copies.

Recall that the & quot; small & quot; electric house BMW & egrave; it has been constantly updated since it was launched on the market. The first model, in fact, had a 22 kWh battery. Subsequently, the model with a 33 kWh accumulator was introduced and then the current one with a 42.2 kWh battery. For some time, the BMW i3 with 22 and 33 kWh batteries was also offered in a version with a gasoline range extender .

Now that the BMW i3 is preparing to exit the price lists (it will remain on sale until stocks run out), the & quot; entry level & quot; model (so to speak) of the electric range of the German brand & egrave; became the newly introduced BMW iX1.


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