Samsung SDI prepares to test 4680 cells for Tesla


The new 4680 cells are key to Tesla's growth plans . Precisely for this reason, in addition to producing them directly, it will rely on to several partners including Panasonic and LG Energy Solution . Apparently, Samsung SDI could also supply these new cells to the American carmaker. Is not serious; the first time we talk about the possibility; that the Korean company becomes a battery supplier of Elon Musk's company.

Now, a report from TheElec claims that Samsung SDI is building a pilot production line at its Cheonan plant in South Korea to test 4680 type cells that it could provide to Tesla in the future. The Korean company is expected to test its 4680 cell technology by the end of the year. If the tests go well, Samsung SDI could become a new Tesla supplier.

Samsung's pilot line for its 4680 batteries will reportedly have; initially a capacity less than 1 GWh per year. The goal would then be to increase the capacity of production to reach 8-12 GWh per year . However, the series production of the new cells will not take place; inside the South Korea factory where it will be tested this technology. According to the report, in fact, it will be held; at the factory in Seremban, Malaysia. For the pilot production line, Samsung allegedly ordered equipment from Hanwha and Koem who also supplied it to Elon Musk's company.

EVEN BMW INTERESTED? interesting also for another aspect. Samsung SDI is reportedly developing at least two types of cylindrical cells with a diameter of 46mm. It seems that BMW is also interested in these new batteries. Apparently, for the German manufacturer the Korean company would be working on a cell with a diameter of 46 mm but with a height lower than that of Tesla.

So, in the future electric of the German manufacturer, maybe those that will be built on the new Neue Klasse platform will find battery packs with these cells? Possible but surely there will be; way to know more & ugrave; over the next few months.

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