Gordon Murray Expands Business on electric cars: the new headquarters also arrive


Say Gordon Murray and think of Formula 1 cars of the 70s and 80s or road supercars all cubic centimeters and high octane numbers like the McLaren F1 or the very recent hypercar T.50, a monster of technique and aerodynamics powered by a naturally aspirated V12 with 12,100 rpm limiter.

In short, Gordon Murray & egrave; a name that has made the history of the high-performance car as a means of transport that burns petrol and screams from the tailpipes in a riot of pistons, crankshafts, intake valves and mechanical gearboxes.

But the homonymous company of the South African designer, the Gordon Murray Group, is riding the change and is preparing to provide its services, both in terms of design and development and production, for the construction of electric cars for third parties.

Indeed, it is already so; doing, being at work on two zero-emission SUVs , one of them for a world-class car manufacturer. And other projects are being defined, always with top-level builders.

Gordon Murray T.33 is sold out. Gi? 100 units sold 0

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& ldquo; Despite the success of Gordon Murray Automotive (the branch that builds sports cars under its own name, ed), our main possibility of growth reside in Gordon Murray Technology (the engineering consulting company, in fact) & rdquo; – said Gordon Murray himself – We have a team full of talented guys who & egrave; able to develop the best technologies both in the field of electrification and in that of connectivity; and autonomous driving & rdquo ;.

To give better support to this activity the company is reorganizing itself, focusing on the one hand on the production of the T50 and T33, all of which are already; sold out and whose deliveries will arrive at the end of the year, and from the other on the activity & agrave; to support other companies with the creation of a dedicated division led by Philip Lee.


Lee photographed so & igrave; the current situation: & ldquo; We are a reality; bucking. We are an English car company with good, profitable and fast growing accounts. With this plan we can grow further. ”

Meanwhile, the Gordon Murray Group is preparing to move to a new location in Windlesham, Surrey. The building, which cost around £ 50 million , will be built. operational in 2024. The company & agrave; is evaluating the possibility; to open a branch also in the United States.

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