Electric scooters for sharing in Rome: the new rules of the Municipality


The use of shared electric scooters has created a number of problems in different cities, mainly due to their use incorrect by users. We already have some of this theme; spoken many times. The Municipality of Rome has therefore decided to put order and has prepared new guidelines for the authorization of scooter and eBike sharing rental services. In addition, it has prepared some specific rules for the use of electric scooters.


Going into detail, the Capitoline Council has decided that, with a new call, from 1 January 2023 sharing operators will be reduced from the current 7 to 3 . This means that the scooters will go from the current 14,500 to a maximum of 9,000 of which 3,000 in the central areas and the rest equally divided among the other Municipalities. As far as eBikes are concerned, however, we will pass; from 12,500 to 9,000.

In addition to a rationalization of the presence of these means for micro-mobility; within the city, the Municipality of Rome has prepared a series of precise rules for the sharing service of electric scooters .

It will be the municipality's task is to identify the new no-parking areas and where to build the stalls. Will come also introduced the minimum distance of 70 meters between the stocks of vehicles of the same operator, which will be able to place no more of 5 units. To close the rental you will need; photograph the vehicle in the stall and send the photo to the company rental.

In addition to all this, the scooters must be equipped with a metal plate . The speed maximum, as per Italian law, will not have to exceed 20 km/h. Speed which will have to get off at 6 km/h in the pedestrian areas. The rental will be able to be carried out only by adults. To subscribe to sharing services you will need identity card. Furthermore, the monitoring of the vehicles will have to be done every hour.

In case of non-compliance with the regulation, the operators will risk the suspension of the license. The Municipality of Rome adds that for the assignment of licenses through the new call the maintenance system , the control and redistribution of the fleet, the contact system with customers, the sustainability environmental, the possibility; to offer season tickets, concessions for public transport users and discounts for systematic travel. Roberto Gualtieri , Mayor of Rome, commented on the new regulation:

We found a situation without rules and without programming and we moved to put order in practice, in an open discussion with the operators who will push & agrave; immediately to tangible results. Today we give the green light to a rationalization of the presence of scooters in the city, reducing them in number and guaranteeing clear rules that favor the service throughout the city and limit abuses, in use, in speed; and in the possibilities; of parking. Another step in the commitment to the dignity of the capital, which in the mobility; joins the investments in the renewal of the bus fleet, on the new tramways, on the maintenance of subway rails and trains and on the disincentives to the use of private cars.

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