Aston Martin on the hunt for financiers


A historic brand is looking for new allies to relaunch itself: nothing strange in a period of alliances, mergers and synergies necessary to survive on a globalized market that it doesn't even spare niche brands from the need to network. The latest rumors, as reported by, concern none other than Aston Martin , which – according to sources close to the top – intends to strengthen its position (financial and otherwise) by involving new investors and partner. And above all it looks towards the United States and Saudi Arabia.


The news arrives, in fact, just at the moment when the House of Gaydon & egrave; engaged in its dual phase of commercial and industrial expansion, represented by the DBX SUV, and planning of the electric transition for which more and more are needed; investments in electrification and new platforms. Despite having no official confirmation from the British House, experts speak of 1.2 billion of sterling bonds, bank drafts and outstanding loans. This is why, in the face of new needs of resources, & egrave; unlikely to think about taking on new debt. Rather it is worth looking for new partners, considering that not long ago the share price hit an all-time low. Aston Martin, which in its long history that began in 1913 has faced as many as 7 failures , has recently reviewed the management by replacing Tobias Moers with former Ferrari boss Amedeo Felisa in the role of CEO.


Aston Martin spokespersons reject any indiscretion or speculation, but experts insist that the situation requires substantial interventions and funding and that in the front line to enter there would be mainly two “ candidates '': an investment fund from Saudi Arabia and one based in the US. And next to the activities of the road, even those in Formula One could be involved.

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