AEHRA, a new brand for premium electric cars is born in Italy


The advent of mobility electric offers the possibility; to new realities to enter the automotive sector through new projects. This is serious; the case of AEHRA, a startup based in Milan founded by Hazim Nada and Sandro Andreotti . The goal is to become a premium electric car brand.

The ideas already seem clear as the company aims to present two electric models by the end of the year (concept probably). It will be by a sedan and an SUV that will go into production in the first quarter of 2025 with the first deliveries expected a few months later.


The project on paper & egrave; very interesting although certainly not new. Let's think about what Lucid Motors has done in America whose goal is; propose premium electric. For the moment, however, the details on the AEHRA project are few. Thanks to private financing, the company & agrave; has established a clear roadmap for achieving its goals.

Their business model will be; of the type & quot; Asset-light & quot ;.

With respect to production and assembly, AEHRA will adopt & agrave; its strategic and sustainable approach which consists in the selection of the best and most; innovative technologies, processes and materials available globally. AEHRA will be the first manufacturer to use new technologies of composite materials for the production of series vehicles that do not need to internalize units & agrave; expensive production such as chains of aluminum or metal alloys and vehicle paint systems. The cars produced will also have the considerable advantage of being longer; light and therefore a decidedly contained environmental impact.

As Hazim Nada pointed out that & egrave; also CEO of the company, the architecture on which the future electric models will rest will allow; to radically change the approach to planning and design. Furthermore, they intend to completely rewrite the customer journey , from car research to after-sales, creating a unique experience that will not end. at the time of purchase but will allow & agrave; to enter a community defined as truly exclusive.

The electric models of AEHRA will therefore be characterized by a careful aerodynamic study and to offer a lot of space inside the passenger compartment . In this regard & egrave; it has been said that the SUV will be able to quietly host four professional NBA basketball players and there will be; however, there is still room for an adult 180 cm tall.

The SUV and the sedan will also have a range of 800 km , excellent performance and all the most & ugrave; modern ADAS systems.

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