Nissan to stop production in Russia will last? 6 months


The outbreak of war in Ukraine has led many companies, including in the auto sector, to break off trade ties with Russia. In recent times, for example, we have seen the case involving Renault which had to sell its factory in Russia and its stake in Avtovaz.

Now comes the news that Nissan reported that the stop to car production in Russia durer & agrave; 6 months . Precisely, the production stoppage will continue. up to the half & agrave; of the business year that is started on April 1st. Therefore, the stop will last; until October 1st.

Recall that the Japanese car manufacturer had stopped deliveries to Russia in March immediately after the outbreak of the terrible conflict and at the same time had decided to stop production. The extension of the production stop & egrave; was justified by the CEO Makoto Uchida by the fact that the crisis does not seem to be improving.

The workers have been informed and the carmaker will continue & agrave; to monitor the situation to minimize its impact.

We believe this situation could become more severe. severe and prolonged.

This novelty comes at a time when many companies around the world are under pressure to sever their ties with Russia. In this regard, there is an interesting fact. Apparently, only 2.4% of Japanese companies operating in Russia have cut off relations with this country since & egrave; conflict broke out.


The news about the stop to activities; in Russia & egrave; arrived during the Nissan General Assembly. Also during this appointment some news emerged; on the possibility; Nissan to spin off the business of electric cars in a company separate. A path that Renault would like to follow.

Nissan confirms that it has talked to Renault about it. However, the Japanese manufacturer stressed that they will carefully evaluate the matter from every angle and then decide for themselves the path to take .

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