Depeche Mode announces Andy Fletcher's cause of death


Andy “Fletch” Fletcher, Depeche Mode's keyboardist, only lived to be 60. Now his bandmates have released details about the cause of death.

Now the cause of death for Andy Fletcher's early death has become known

The sympathy for Andy Fletcher's death, who died unexpectedly on May 26, was great. And everyone was wondering how the Depeche Mode keyboardist could have died. His bandmates Dave Gahan and Martin Gore didn't want to keep the fans in the dark and have now revealed details of the cause of death on Instagram. Accordingly, Andy Fletcher died of an acute aortic dissection.

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An aortic dissection is a tear in the inner layer of the heart's main artery. It is one of the most pressing emergencies in cardiac surgery and often ends fatally. Despite the shock of Fletcher's sudden death, his bandmates found comforting words: “Although it was much, much too soon, he died of natural causes, without long suffering,” the two wrote on Instagram.

Funeral service for Fletch in London

The funeral and memorial service last week in London were very moving: “Andy was honored in a room full of friends, family, the Depeche Mode family and others who have touched Andy's and our lives over the years. It was very special to remember him and say goodbye to him together,” the two write. Andy Fletcher is survived by his wife of 29 years, Grainne Fletcher, and two children together.

Depeche Mode 2016: Andy Fletcher, Dave Gaham and Martin Gore

Dave Gahan and Martin Gore thank you in your statement for the many expressions of condolence and the “wave of love for Andy” that you have reached in the last few weeks: “It really means a lot to all of us.” The two end with some personal words to the deceased: “We will miss you, but we will certainly not forget you. Love, Martin & Dave.”

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