Canceled or delayed flights: war and staff shortages complicate matters


It is not; a good time for airlines facing the effects of the war in Ukraine and the sharp increase in demand after the worst phase; acute pandemic – requests that cannot be fully satisfied because of the acute; there is a lack of staff and resources. To illustrate the situation & egrave; was the Lufthansa group apologizing for the canceled and delayed flights.

NO STAFF … situation will not change. soon : as the number of passengers continues & agrave; to increase – whether it is for leisure or business travel – the situation will hardly be able to; improve in the short term. And they are difficulties; common to almost every other company operating in the sector – reads the note.

Too many employees and too many resources are not available not only at partner facilities but also in some of our areas.

The Lufthansa Group confirmed its plan to eliminate 900 Lufthansa and GermanWings flights in July due to the absence of personnel, which add up to the 3,100 flights already; canceled (Bloomberg estimate) due to staff shortages caused by the new wave of coronavirus.

What about there? THE WAR

As if the shortage of personnel (which we are trying to remedy with massive hires) were not enough, the effects on the flights of the war in Ukraine intervene to complicate the situation:

the ongoing war in Ukraine is severely limiting airspace in Europe. This is causing huge bottlenecks in the skies and therefore, unfortunately, further delays.

The problem that can be traced back to the war is one of necessity; by bypass the affected areas and Russian airspace that the Moscow government has closed to airlines from 36 countries since the beginning of the conflict. At present, all Lufthansa and Lufthansa Group flights to Ukraine and Russia are suspended until next July 31st. But other sections that before the conflict included the overflight of Russia and Ukraine are also affected: to reach the destination, alternative routes must now be traced with consequent, possible delays . The situation does not improve when commercial flights are considered.

According to Lufthansa, to return to having a air transport system more & ugrave; efficient and reliable you need to & agrave; wait for 2023 . Summer therefore, if not completely compromised, at least more; complex for those planning air travel.

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