BMW relies on Android Automotive OS for infotainment


Infotainment systems are getting more and more; important for modern cars. Car manufacturers are investing a lot of resources in this field to offer more and more solutions; sophisticated to their customers. Not for nothing, today we talk more and more; of & quot; computer on 4 wheels & quot ;. BMW , of course, is also working in this direction. As we know, his pi & ugrave; recent models have an infotainment system based on the iDrive 8 platform.

Apparently there are some news; interesting, although the details are still very few.


The German car manufacturer has announced that intends to use Android Automotive OS from next year in some of its new cars. Is not serious; clear, for & ograve ;, what exactly will be the models that will have them. This technical breakthrough will not mean & agrave; that iDrive 8 will be; decommissioned. In fact, at least for the moment, Android Automotive OS will represent; an alternative to the current Linux-based proprietary system.

It will be; therefore interesting to see which cars will keep the current infotainment and which will switch to the new platform. Is it possible that this novelty? may also concern the cars of the other brands of the BMW Group and that is; MINI and Rolls-Royce . Obviously & egrave; still too early to understand since the German car manufacturer did not want to share details.

Android Automotive OS is finding more and more; space within the car manufacturers' infotainment systems. For example, this platform & egrave; used by Polestar, by General Motors on some models and by Renault on the new Megane E-Tech Electric, just to give some examples. Also Stellantis, in the future, will use & agrave; this software platform.

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