Apple's all-in-one gift card from now on also in the Netherlands: for software and hardware


If you wanted to surprise someone with an Apple gift card, you had two options: an App Store and iTunes card or an Apple Store gift card. The former can only be used in the App Store, iTunes Store or for other digital content such as iCloud+, Apple Music or Apple Arcade. The Apple Store Gift Card, on the other hand, could only be used for products and accessories in the online and physical Apple Store. In the US, Apple already merged these two cards two years ago, but from now on this is also the case in the Netherlands and some other European countries. So there is now only one gift card for both software and hardware.

New Apple gift card in the Netherlands for hardware and software

The new Apple gift card is available in multiple designs. There are five designs in total, and the physical version of the gift card features the Apple logo as a collectible sticker. But the big advantage of this gift card is that you can redeem it anywhere at Apple. You use one and the same credit for both the online services and for shopping in the Apple Store.

The new Apple gift card can be ordered here

In the Netherlands you can send the gift card to someone by e-mail. We expect the physical versions with sticker to be for sale in the Apple Store in Amsterdam, Haarlem and The Hague. In terms of amount you can choose €25,-, €50,- and €100,- just like with the earlier iTunes cards. You can also choose a different amount. The new Apple gift card is now also available in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy. and other European countries. Belgiumë is not participating for the time being.

If you still have credit on your Apple ID balance, you can now also use this for purchases in the Apple Store. Unfortunately, it is not possible in the Netherlands to transfer the balance to a digital payment card in the Wallet app, as it has recently become possible in the US.

End of iTunes offers?
It comes as no surprise that the new all-in-one gift card is now available in the Netherlands. At iCulture, we've been keeping an eye on discounts on App Store and iTunes cards for years, but the last time you got bonus credit in the Netherlands was in April. So it could just be that the App Store and iTunes offers are coming to an end, because there is only one Apple ID balance left that you can use everywhere. Older App Store and iTunes cards can now also be used for purchases in the App Store, according to Apple. Discounts on such cards therefore become a lot more unlikely, because in that case you could also get a big discount on physical products in the Apple Store.

In Belgium; there have been regular discounts on App Store and iTunes cards. The new all-in-one Apple gift card is therefore not available there and the balance cannot be used in the Apple Store.

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