Apple Community+ Rewards Active Members in the Apple Support Forum


Apple Support forum gets extras

Apple has its own support forum where you can go with questions and problems. Ordinary users can also help to help others. Usually this happens without much appreciation, but Apple is now trying to do something about it with the Community+ program. Each year, a small group of active forum users will be invited to participate in the program. You cannot register yourself, it is by invitation only. Apple focuses on people who make others feel welcome on the forum and provide others with quality answers to technical questions.

As a participant you can earn points and awards and progress within different levels. If you are someone with a good reputation, it shows in your score. Apple shows on a web page which levels can be achieved and which benefits are attached to them. For example, from level 5 (4,000 points) you can write user tips about Apple products. At level 6 (8,000 points) you get access to The Lounge, a special forum where you can exchange ideas with other high-ranking members. And from level 7 (20,000 points) you can participate in the really fun events, such as meeting other active members, where you also earn 25 points.

To earn points quickly, make sure your answer to a question is marked as helpful (5 points) or even as ‘Apple recommended’ is recommended (7 points). As a novice member you also get points for actions you perform, but the Community+ program with extras such as “white-glove experiences” is only available for a selected group, but worldwide.

The Apple Support forums have been around for over twenty years and are mostly populated by users. Very occasionally, Apple employees get involved in a discussion. Incidentally, moderation is carried out in the background, so that no verbal abuse breaks out and the best answers are at the top. In addition, there is also the normal Apple Support, where you do come into contact with employees.

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