Tesla ready to upgrade Shanghai Gigafactory to increase production


The Shanghai Gigafactory & egrave; very important for Tesla since the American manufacturer has more; times reiterated the goal of wanting to make it its main hub for the export of its electric cars. It seems that the American manufacturer is preparing to carry out a series of important modifications to this factory to significantly increase the production of cars quickly.


According to a report from Bloomberg, Tesla is preparing to partially stop production & # 39 its Chinese factory to make a series of improvements which will lead to a production of nearly 22,000 cars per week .

The company & agrave; by Elon Musk interrupted & agrave; most of the Model Y production in the first two weeks of July to be able to carry out these technical updates. Subsequently, starting from 18 July, toccher & agrave; to the Model 3 production lines to be updated. Overall, according to the report, the works should be completed around 7 August. At that point, the production of the Model Y will go up; to approximately 14,000 units per week (11,000 previously) and that of Model 3 cars to 7,700 cars per week (5,500 previously).

Thanks to this expansion of production, the Shanghai Gigafactory should be able to have a capacity annual production potential of about 1 million electric cars . This is very interesting news because & eacute; as a result of these improvements in production, this plant would become more and more; important for the growth strategy of the American company.

It is worth remembering that in recent months the Shanghai site has had to face a series of problems due to some production stoppages due to the recovery of coronavirus infections. According to Elon Musk, the activities have only recently been carried out. they were back to full capacity. However, upgrades to the production lines were already in progress. been planned for some time. Indeed, in the past we already had; talked about the will & agrave; Tesla to expand the capacity of production of this factory.

All that remains is to wait for the next few weeks to better understand Tesla's plans for the Chinese Gigafactory.

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