Skoda is testing with Vodafone the use of 5G to organize production


Skoda intends to exploit new technologies to improve efficiency and flexibility; of production. Precisely on this issue comes the news that the car manufacturer has decided to experience the advantages of 5G technology in the organization of production. This project is carried forward thanks to the collaboration with Vodafone .


Going into the specific, & egrave; a 5G network was installed inside the Mlad & aacute; Boleslav . As Christian Schenk , Member of the Board of Skoda points out, this connectivity technology offers enormous potential for future innovations, for example in the areas of predictive maintenance and optical inspections in body construction.

As part of this pilot project, we are testing 5G in day-to-day operations and will also evaluate future uses of this technology, to be even more effective. efficient and flexible.

Skoda Board Member Michael Oeljeklaus adds that 5G offers new possibilities; for autonomous transport in logistics, for reality; increased in production and many other applications.

An important example is the application & ldquo; FATA MORGANA & rdquo; which allows remote support between maintenance experts and technicians, even on two different continents, thanks to the real-time creation of a digital twin, using 3D objects in reality; increased. This technology requires much more data flow; fast and with the lowest latency allowed by connectivity; 5G. Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses also improve the efficiency of the digital twin of the scanned area.

Skoda's 5G network uses a private frequency spectrum which enables reliable data transmission, secure and ensures sufficient bandwidth even under high usage. This project is a further step forward towards the concept of Smart Factory , for example in the sectors of Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and shared data. The next step will be; uploading data on finished vehicles via 5G. Another field of application is; networking of robots and assembly tools.

In the future, the 5G network will be; used for autonomous vehicle transport and predictive maintenance and will be; tested in combination with different devices at the Skoda FabLab.

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