Motorways: toll rates could soon increase by 1.5%


In a very complicated time when traveling costs more and more and ugrave; Due to rising fuel prices, it appears that motorway tariffs may also be revised upwards. The news comes directly from Roberto Tomasi , CEO of Autostrade per l & # 39; Italia who yesterday made it known that at the end of June/beginning of July a increase in tariffs could arrive. # 39; 1.5% .

We expect an increase in motorway tariffs, around 1.5%, we speak very little, we are discussing it at this stage with the Ministry. It would be foreseen in the economic and financial plan starting from the end of June-July of this year. I remember that our rates have been blocked since 2018.

The increase, attention, is not still official as the company is discussing it with the Ministry. A clarification that & egrave; arrived shortly after Tomasi's statements that had aroused much controversy .

With regard to the news on the toll increase forecasts, Autostrade per l & rsquo; Italia reiterates that & egrave; an investigation is in progress at the ministerial level and therefore, as specified this morning by the CEO Aspi Roberto Tomasi, not yet approved by the relevant institutions. Gi & agrave; included in the Pef (the Economic and Financial Plan of Autostrade per l & rsquo; Italia), implemented the new Art model, this remodeling provides for a controlled update of + 1.5% of the toll, after a period of tariff blocking which lasted 4 years, starting from 2018. It is also clarified that the tariff review, being already; inserted in the Pef, & egrave; previous and therefore not & egrave; consequential to the current increase in material costs.


The news of the possible price increase is not; obviously liked, especially in a delicate moment like this with consumers who are subjected to almost unbearable economic pressure, with 360-degree increases. The press release of Autostrade per l & # 39; Italia then thought of trying to calm the controversy even though it was probably late. On what happened yesterday, Massimiliano Dona , president of the National Consumers Union, has very clear ideas, criticizing the announcement of the CEO of Autostrade per l & # 39; Italia.

Luckily after the shot of today, where already; expected an increase of 1.5%, the Aspi realized that the tariffs must be examined by both the Authority; transport and the Ministry. Fortunately, the reform of Art's tolls prevents disproportionate and unjustified increases to the detriment of consumers, not allowing the insertion of improper items to justify the toll increases, in the face of non-existent investments and unchanged services for users. Not to mention that now the Authority, in the face of annual checks, can also revoke the increases already; decided in case of non-compliance with the time schedules.

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