Mercedes A-Class and B-Class, goodbye from 2025?


Since Mercedes announced that it would streamline its range of cars to focus on the most profitable models, they have started to circulate rumors about the possibility; that the German manufacturer could go to eliminate the A-Class and B-Class .

The manufacturer had made it known that its offer would be concentrated in the market areas called Top-End Luxury, Core Luxury and Entry Luxury. And as for the & quot; Entry Luxury & quot; models, Mercedes had said that the range would have been reduced compared to today.

The German magazine Handelsblatt, citing internal sources of the car manufacturer, confirms that from 2025 Mercedes rivedr & agrave; its range of cars, eliminating the A-Class (sedan version included) and the B-Class which, therefore, will have no heirs once their current life cycle is over.

With this choice, the car manufacturer will go to move up its commercial offer. According to the report of the German newspaper, once the A-Class and B-Class have been eliminated, the & quot; Entry Luxury & quot; range will include & agrave; the heirs of the current CLA, CLA Shooting Brake, GLA and GLB .

The new cars will not be based on the current MFA 2 platform but will be born on the new MMA platform with the brand new MB.OS proprietary operating system. This new architecture which should debut in 2024 is; was developed expressly for electric cars even if it will allow & agrave; to still make cars with internal combustion engines although offered in electrified form (probably Plug-in).

Obviously, an official communication from Mercedes is expected on the fate of the A and B Class. However, it seems that in a few years they will leave the scene. In any case, a restyling should arrive soon for both of these models.

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