From the G7 generic commitments for the decarbonisation of transport


At the top of the G7 which is & egrave; held at the castle of Elmau, in Bavaria, it & egrave; discussed many topics including the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, climate change and much more. Yes & egrave; also talked about the decarbonisation of the transport world . However, reading the final press release, no particular news appears. In fact, no specific commitments have been made on deadlines and objectives as some hoped given that in this period there is much talk of the European Commission's proposal to stop the sale of endothermic cars from 2035.

< p> In short, only a generic commitment emerges from the G7 to favor the process of decarbonisation of transport.

We are committed to a highly decarbonised road sector by 2030, including by significantly increasing the sales, share and adoption of zero-emission light vehicles this decade, including in public transport and public vehicle fleets./p>

Indeed, contrary to the European Commission's proposal, we mention the use of alternative fuels for transport.

We will continue to be attentive to our long-term push towards alternative fuels for transport.

Still on the subject of decarbonising the world of transport, since the G7 there is no; there was also a brief mention of the air and naval sectors.

We are committed to supporting a global goal compatible with the Paris Agreement on zero net emissions from international aviation by 2050 and to strengthen global efforts to achieve zero net emissions from international shipping at most; late by 2050.


In short, no specific commitment on the issue of mobility; electric. Apparently, according to Reuters, it would have been Japan to push to make sure that precise targets were not taken. In particular, Japan would have proposed to remove a reference to the goal of 50% of sales of zero-emission cars by 2030. In its place, it would have proposed a higher target; generic which then & egrave; what & egrave; been approved and that we find in the press release.

This behavior would be to be found in the fact that the car industry of the country, and in particular Toyota , has adopted a much more ; cautious towards electric cars.

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