50 dead migrants in Texas truck


Many bodies have been discovered in a truck on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas. Some people were rescued alive by rescuers.

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Truck dead in Texas

The bodies of 50 people have been found in a truck on the outskirts of the city of San Antonio, Texas. According to the local fire department, 16 others were found alive and taken to hospitals, including four children. At least 22 Mexican nationals are among the dead, according to Mexico's President Andres Manuel López Obrador. Fire Chief Charles Hood said: “The patients we saw were too hot to touch, they suffered from heat stroke.” There was no water in the trailer. It was a refrigerated truck, but no cooling system was running, Hood continued. On Monday, local measuring stations registered outside temperatures of almost 40 degrees Celsius with high humidity.

The victims are all likely migrants who entered the US illegally. The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the San Antonio-based consul was on his way to the site to find out if Mexican nationals were involved.

Three arrests

Security officials said three people were arrested in taken into custody. The trailer truck was abandoned in a remote area near railroad facilities.

Human traffickers have repeatedly used trucks to illegally bring Latin American migrants to the United States, sometimes raking in large sums of money for it. President Joe Biden took office with a promise to restore easier legal routes into the United States. At the end of 2021, however, he reinstated a regulation from the time of his predecessor Donald Trump, according to which asylum seekers in Mexico must wait for their application to be processed.

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