iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch: Apple is said to be planning a “flood” of new devices in the second half of the year


Apple is expected to launch a “flood” of new devices in the second half of the year, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports in his current Power-On newsletter. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 14 is expected for late summer, but Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod and AirPods are also expected to launch in new generations.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in two sizes

There have been rumors about the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro for some time, for example about the different sizes that are expected with the new generation. In the current newsletter, Gurman also assumes that the compact iPhone 13 mini (test) will not receive a new edition, but that Apple will have an iPhone 14 (6.1 inch) and iPhone 14 Max (6.7 inch) and one of the same large iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max plane. Apparently Apple sees a greater interest in a cheaper large iPhone than in a particularly compact one. Since Apple currently still has the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 in its range, the launch of the iPhone 14 does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with the end of the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini.

Always-on-Display and better cameras for the Pro

The gap between non-pro and pro smartphones is set to widen this year with a new always-on display exclusive to the pro models. Only the two more expensive models, like the Apple Watch, should be able to permanently display widgets for weather, calendar, stocks, activities and other sources on the screen with reduced brightness and refresh rates. In order to make more of the new lock screen design from iOS 16 visible, only the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) will have a new cutout for Face ID in the display, with the sensor technology migrating into a “pill” in the display and a new one next to it in an additional cutout , according to Gurman, there is room for a “significantly upgraded” front camera. Recently, it was speculated that the selfie camera should also have an autofocus in the near future. The normal iPhone 14, on the other hand, should have a “notch” at the top of the screen as before. On the back, the Pro models are said to use a new 48-megapixel sensor for the primary camera.

iPhone 14 Non-Pro keeps A15 -Processor

On the technical side, the new A16 processor is also reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), while the other models again come with last year's A15 Bionic, explains Gurman. So far, Apple has only given the Pro models a GPU that is around 25 percent more powerful with five instead of four cores, but this year the entire chip should be more powerful. All four variants should rely on Lightning one last time before the switch to USB-C is expected for the coming year, before USB-C is required for new smartphones in the EU from autumn 2024.

iPad gets A14, 5G and USB-C

The new iPad basic model, on the other hand, should already make the switch to USB-C this year. The normal iPad is the last model with a Lightning connector, while the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini (test) are already using USB-C. According to Gurman, the iPad will get the A14 chip and optional 5G this fall in addition to the new connection.

iPad Pro with M2 processor< /h3>

A new edition of the iPad Pro is also expected for autumn, which will be developed under the code names J617 in 11 inches and J620 in 12.9 inches. Both variants of the tablet are to be equipped with the new M2, which recently celebrated its premiere at the WWDC and is used in the new MacBook Air and in the revised MacBook Pro 13" is used. A larger iPad with 14 or 15 inches will not be presented until next year or the year after.

MacBook Pro with M2 Pro/Max, Mac Pro with M2 Ultra/Extreme

The new M2 forms the basis of a whole range of new processors and thus new Mac variants. In the already known variant, the M2 should also move into the Mac mini, reports Gurman. This time, however, a version of the Mac mini with the M2 Pro is also planned. The M2 Pro is also said to be in the MacBook Pro 14" (test) and 16" Introducing, which can optionally be equipped with M2 Max. The M2 Ultra as the successor to the M1 Ultra, which is currently only available in the Mac Studio and connects two M1 Max via a fast interconnect, is planned for the Mac Pro, which is the last Mac to be switched to Apple Silicon. The new Mac Pro will also offer the M2 Extreme, which is a double M2 Ultra.

M2 will be in AR -Headset tested

The M2 is also said to be used in current prototypes of Apple's augmented reality headset, which runs on realityOS. Information about the AR headset is scarce and often highly speculative. It was recently said that Apple could hit the market with it in the first half of 2023.

M3 for larger MacBook Air

The first M3-powered devices are also slated for release next year, including a refreshed 13-inch MacBook Air codenamed J513, and an all-new 15-inch model internally codenamed J515. A new iMac (J433) and a new 12-inch notebook with M3 are still in early development.

Apple Watch Series 8, SE and Rugged Edition

There is also a second look at the Apple Watch, which is to be launched in three versions in the fall: Series 8, Apple Watch SE and Rugged Edition for extreme athletes. Gurman has no great expectations of the new S8 smartwatch chip, because apart from the new name, the processor should correspond to the S7, which in turn is based on the S6. Only the Apple Watch Series 9 should get a completely new processor in 2023. All three new models are to receive the S8, but the Apple Watch SE will remain with the smaller display of the current generation and is intended to replace the Series 3 as the new entry-level model, since watchOS 9 is no longer offered for this model.

HomePod, Apple TV, AirPods Pro

Although Apple TV and HomePod played no role at WWDC, they should also provide supplies in these two product categories. The 2nd generation Apple TV 4K, which was last renewed in April 2021, is to be followed by a model developed under the code name J255 with an A14 instead of A12 processor and 4 GB instead of 3 GB RAM. The new HomePod will be called the B620 internally and will run on the same S8 chip as the new Apple Watch. The size and sound are said to be more in line with the big HomePod that Apple discontinued last spring. A new display on the top could possibly also support multi-touch. In the audio area, new AirPods Pro are also expected, which, thanks to a new chip, should deliver higher audio quality than the 2nd generation.