BMW wants to save the manual gearbox for the M.


According to the British magazine Autocar, Frank van Meel , head of BMW's M division, would be determined to keep the pi & ugrave; manual gearbox in the list of options for M range cars for a long time. To encourage this choice, the pre-order data collected so far for the new BMW M2 (G87), now close to debut, which 50% of customers have required precisely with manual transmission.


Specifically, van Meel stated : & quot; From a technical point of view, there & # 39; & egrave; little to say, the car with the manual gearbox & egrave; more heavier, heavier; slow and with worse consumption than the automatic alternative. Yet customers and fans still love the manual gearbox very much, because creates a stronger bond direct with the road and allows them to demonstrate that they know how to tame the beast. Precisely this & egrave; the point, why we want to keep it. & quot ;.

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evolvesALSO IN THE USA Many companies have ag999; eliminated the manual option , such as Mercedes-AMG, or Aston Martin, citing reasons such as simplification of the range and lower production costs. But BMW seems to want to go against the trend, with van Meel confirming that the manual option is; too popular to be abandoned even on the US market, which one would think much more; inclined to choose the automatic: “ In the case of the M2, one in two cars is purchased with the manual. People want to be able to say that & egrave; able to dominate cars like these and if he has a way to prove he can; do it, then he wants it. It is part of the emotional appeal of our cars and & egrave; for this reason that we too, despite the perfection achieved by automatic transmissions, we too love the manual gearbox. The US is the largest market. big and if customers keep saying they even want it there, then & egrave; something really cool. '' It should be remembered, however, that the M2 will be; probably also the last non-electrified BMW M and will be & agrave; to see if with the hybrid the racing cars of tomorrow can still be offered with the manual gearbox.

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