Stop to endothermic from 2035, Minister Giorgetti asks for more? time


In Italy we are once again talking about the European Commission's proposal to stop the sale of endothermic cars from 2035 which in recent weeks had the green light from the European Parliament. Yesterday we & egrave; the Automotive table reunited to take stock of the path to follow in view of the European appointment of 28 June on the environment. Among those present together with Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and Deputy Minister Gilberto Pichetto, also Ministers Roberto Cingolani (Mite), Daniele Franco (Mef), Enrico Giovannini (Mims) and Andrea Orlando (Lavoro).

Al debate that & egrave; lasted about three hours, trade unions and major companies in the sector also participated.


In the course of the & # strong 39 > several doubts raised about the European proposal . Doubts that are not only Italian.

At the European level, the front of the countries that ask for a more pass is widening; gradually towards the green. Also in other countries, such as Germany, political forces are discussing the issue in a pragmatic way, listening to the demands and needs of the industrial sector as well.

Furthermore, Minister Giorgetti once again reiterated the importance of government support for research in the name of neutrality & agrave; technological .

Goals that the Mise expects to achieve also thanks to development contracts and innovation agreements without neglecting all opportunities; therefore offered by the Pnrr.

For the minister we need responsibility , adding that more and more ; Countries are wondering if it is not appropriate to rethink the times and ways of the ecological transition process.

As Mise we were the first, and I remember with pride not signing for Cop 26 in Glasgow followed by Germany and now others are also starting to seriously wonder if it is not necessary to rethink the times and ways of the ecological transition that put the responsibility social and economic together with the sacrosanct environmental battle.

In short, for the minister Giorgetti it is necessary to change course and & egrave; it is essential to commit to managing this very delicate phase of the transition.

The primal instinct is press on the accelerator. Everyone accelerates but here I see a dangerous curve and a wet road. Politicians must know how to dose accelerator, brake and gear lever. I know it is; much less fascinating knowing how to restrain and the art of politics is; use the shift lever. I thank Minister Cingolani because & eacute; is giving me a great hand on a position that we expressed as Mise at Cop26 where we broke the wall of the & rsquo; omert & agrave; in the name of neutrality technological and we have not signed that document because & eacute; based on wrong scientific assumptions. Now c & rsquo; & egrave; to commit a lot in a very delicate phase to manage this transition.

Finally, the minister also reminds us that & egrave; a fund of 8.7 billion euros was set up to support the Italian automotive sector which represents & quot; a clear framework of resources that acts over a multi-year horizon of action to give certainty and possibility; of programming to operators & quot ;.

On this issue, & egrave; The news also arrived that Italy has prepared a proposal to postpone the stop to endothermic engines from 2035 to 2040 and to lower the reduction in emissions from 100% to 90% to & quot; save & quot; endothermic engines. Document also supported by Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Romania.

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