Mercedes VISION EQXX, new efficiency record: 1,202 km on a single charge


The Mercedes VISION EQXX & egrave; was the protagonist of a new efficiency record. The German electric concept car, in fact, after having managed to drive a little more; of 1,000 km with a full tank of energy, & egrave; back on the road again managing to significantly improve what was done previously. Indeed, & egrave; managed to tackle a journey of as much as 1,202 km from Stuttgart to Silverstone, in the United Kingdom, without ever refueling.

A really interesting result that demonstrates the goodness & agrave; of the technical solutions that Mercedes is developing and which, in the future, will be used in its electric cars.


The 1.202 km were covered in 14 hours and 30 minutes at a speed; average of 83 km/h . The Mercedes VISION EQXX then concluded its journey achieving a final consumption of 8.3 kWh/100 km . This is a better result than that obtained in the previous trip where final consumption was 8.7 kWh/100 km (1,008 km with 140 km of remaining range). It is worth underlining that these numbers are the result of a journey under absolutely real driving conditions .

On this new journey from Germany to England, the German electric concept car traveled through urban, state and motorway roads. The car also made a stop at the Formula 1 team headquarters in Brackley and it is; took to the track at Silverstone with driver Nyck de Vries at the wheel. On the English circuit, the VISION EQXX covered 11 laps. The Dutch driver did not & egrave; certainly spared although he had to deal with speed; maximum limited to 140 km/h .

Mercedes says the high temperatures of this period and driving in traffic put the car's thermal management system to the test. On the way, air conditioning is provided. been active for a little longer; 8 hours, but had a minimal impact on overall energy consumption thanks to a particularly efficient heat pump management system.

Thanks to this second trip, the Mercedes VISION EQXX has demonstrated that it being able to easily carry out routes of 1,000 km in absolutely real driving conditions with a single tank of energy. The concept car, now, will participate; also at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2022. The development of its technology, of course, does not end here.

We remind you that the car is characterized by particularly efficient aerodynamics with a Cx of 0, 17. The concept car also features a 900 V architecture and a 180 kW powertrain. The battery, on the other hand, has a capacity; of about 100 kWh. The curb weight of the car is; of 1.755 kg.

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